Tables of Ten begin with the gathering of ten or more individuals in your child welfare legal community who want things to be better.  We work from the premise that the real question in court improvement is not “what is broken and how to fix it”, but “what is possible and who cares.”  Tables of Ten typically begin with a two-day work session to review local data, map local work process, and begin the task of strategically intervening where the greatest impact can be had.  Each Table of Ten is specifically designed by the local court community with the assistance of CITA, from the content of the first two day meeting, to the degree and level of follow through to be expected afterward.  We want to meet you where you are in your court improvement efforts and help you move from there.  A Table of Ten is a focused effort to review your dependency system as a whole and an opportunity for those involved to make meaning of what they see and intentionally design a process to change it for the better.  It is an effort at continuous quality improvement on a local level.

Tables of Ten are organized geographically, by county. Please select a county in the sidebar menu for news and information about that group.